Fan Questions

What Brought you to Uni-Mount? David Gilmour Introduced me to the club

What do you like about the club? I like that we are given many opportunities to express ourselves as players

Whats your goals for the 2024 season? Consistently play 90 mins

What would you say to someone who might be interested in joining the club? You get the opportunity to express your style of play which isnt possible at many other clubs

Player Profile: Jake Welsh

Full Name: Jake Welsh

D.O.B. 14/10/2004

Place of Birth: Auckland

Nationality: Maori/New Zealand

Position: CB/FB/W/ST

Dominant Foot: Right

Favourite Team: Manchester United

Year debuted in First Team: 2022 against Lynn Avon 

Football Background

Previous Clubs Played for: Three Kings, Bucklands Beach, Fencibles

Youth Academy Background: N/A

Years playing football: 14

Achievements and Awards Received: U19s Top Goalscorer 2023, U19s National Tournament Rep 2022,2023

Playing Style

Strengths: Pace, Physicality

Areas For Improvement: Fitness, Dribbling

Favourite Footballer or Role Models: Henry Matthews

Hobbies and Interests: