If you are interested in playing for a Unimount senior team in 2024 please contact;

Lewis Parke
​​​​​​​0210 833 7754

Please give some details including your age, previous experience and the level you would like to play at. We have senior teams at all levels and you will put you in touch with teams that might be suitable.

Senior team fees for 2024 have been set at $4400.00 for a team of 16 players. There is also an individual player membership fee of $25 which can be paid using the registration button below.

Home games are played at Bill McKinlay Park and Colin Maiden Park.

Playing strips can be purchased via the club shop here

Players must also have boots with moulded soles, touch shoes or turf shoes for home games on Bill McKinlay Park which is an artificial turf with special requirements for its protection.

If the team trains regularly then that may be at either venue, under lights, mid-week. Usually teams are allocated part of the year at each venue.

Some of our social teams don’t train regularly but several play in mid-week tournaments run by “Football Fix”. Your new manager will be able to advise.

If you have played previously for another club, Unimoint need to apply for a clearance and this will only be granted if all fees and fines have been paid and gear returned at that club.