Fan Questions

What Brought you to Uni-Mount? I had just moved into area, knew history of the club and decided to join after a break from football. Uni-mount took me in straight away and I've felt a part of the club since the beginning.

What do you like about the club? Very progressive approach to football and not just trying to be another football club. Wants to effect change in football and that's something I want to be a part of.

Whats your goals for the 2024 season? Lead the team on a winning run vying for promotion as captain.

What would you say to someone who might be interested in joining the club? If you want to learn how football is really played, then come down to Uni-Mount where they teach you so much more than just how to improve as a player.

Ben's U17s National Tournament Team 2023

Player Profile: Benjamin Farrelly

Full Name: Benjamin Norman Farrelly

D.O.B. 26/07/1993

Place of Birth: Auckland

Nationality: NZ

Position: CB, FB, CM

Dominant Foot: Right

Favourite Team: Hull City

Year debuted in First Team: 2019

Football Background

Previous Clubs Played for: Manurewa AFC, Clendon AFC

Youth Academy Background: Manurewa AFC

Years playing football: 24 years

Achievements and Awards Received: Youth Player of the year 2010 - Manurewa AFC,

Coaches Player of the year 2022 - Uni-Mount Bohemian AFC, U17s National Tournament Head Coach 2023 - Uni-Mount Bohemian AFC

Playing Style

Strengths: Leadership, Football intelligence, 1on1 defending, Building from from the back 

Areas For Improvement: Goal Scoring, Injury prevention - want to be able to play a full season without missing a game through injury

Favourite Footballer or Role Models: Messi, Busquets, Curtis Davies - Hull City

Hobbies and Interests: Coffee, foodie, gaming, dog

Ben is a big part of the club from a coaching standpoint aswell. He most recently took the U17 National Tournament team to the U17s Western Springs Tournament. See his interview after Day 1 here on the clubs Tiktok.