Fan Questions

What Brought you to Uni-Mount? Altan was my old coach back when o was younger before I left to Germany where I trained with him at university Mount a long with Erol who invited me to come to the club and start playing club football seriously again.

What do you like about the club? 

I like the team feeling about the club and the intensity

Whats your goals for the 2024 season? train intensely and help the team potentially reach promotion

What would you say to someone who might be interested in joining the club? For someone who is interested in joining the club I would mention the level of team commitment every player has a long with uni mount being a greatly organized club with a level of fun and also seriousness.

Player Profile: Liam Moehlenbrock

Full Name: Liam Moehlenbrock

D.O.B. 08/02/2005

Place of Birth: Bremen, Germany

Nationality: German/New Zealand

Position: CDM

Dominant Foot: Right

Favourite Team: Bayern Munchen

Year debuted in First Team: 

Football Background

Previous Clubs Played for: Birkenhead United, eastern suburbs, Werder Bremen, SC Borgfeld

Youth Academy Background: Eastern Suburbs, Top Flight Football Academy, Bremen, Werder Bremen

Years playing football: 12 years

Achievements and Awards Received: ex youth International Germany, scoring in first international against Finland, Playing for Werder Bremens Youth Team

Playing Style

Strengths: good technical ability and overview of the pitch, strong finishing and playmaking

Areas For Improvement: taking less touches on the ball and releasing quicker

Favourite Footballer or Role Models: Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Özil

Hobbies and Interests: football, basketball anything to do with sport